Monday, July 24, 2006

Timely advice from Julian

I would like to pass on these words of our dear and respected friend, Julian Ahlquist:

As an exceptionless norm, never ... ever ... under any circumstances ... forward anything. It is never worth it, no matter how much of the world is at stake. No matter how noble the cause may be, say to it, "Get thee behind me, Satan." Always. There is no exception. God Bless.

I just liked the way he put that. It sounds so very absolute, as indeed it should be. Nothing much is new on my end. My weekend went by too quickly, as weekends generally do now. If only whole weeks would fly by that fast! I don't mean to complain, however, as my job is exceedingly nice and nothing of a calamitous nature has happened lately. I just feel very sleepy. If you ever feel tempted to share a bed with your eight-year-old sister, don't do it. Sleep on the floor instead. That is my advice.



Geoff said...
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Geoff said...

*snif* If you won't help a dying 8-year old girl fulfil her wish to clog up every email box in the world, you have no heart, and the only special thing God will send into your life nine days hence is a little puppy... and you'll only see it for the blink of an eye before you run it over. *snif*

ATB said...

Thank you for forwarding us Julian's advise. It was definitely worth our time.

healthily sanguine said...

Haha, I did not forward it to you; rather, I posted it on the random heap of things which is our blog. You could try posting too, Mr. Bodoh! :)

ATB said...

I would love to but I am far too busy cleaning up all the forwards in my email.

Geoff said...

Well met, Trebek!