Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a rock.

At first scientists thought the lights and noises were created by a Russian rocket, but when that rocket turned up in Taiwan, they decided it was a meteor. Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory said, "This is what makes science fun!"


Monday, March 30, 2009

Flash and Boom--but why?

Last night I was excited to see what I thought was lightening in the distance. Yet, the weather predicted no storms, and there was no thunder. Very weird. This was in the news today:


As of yet, no one knows what caused it. Anyone know?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Kathleen Meant to Post

This post comes from Kathleen. I, Sylvia, may be the one actually typing it, but the idea for the content came in my gmail inbox from her. As we know, gmail is related to Blogger as both are subsets of the same huge conglomerate that is the omniscient Google, so in a way Kathleen sent it to this blog. Google just isn't advanced enough to process it yet. Now onto the matter at hand (and the irony is that I'm posting this to procrastinate my work):
The Cult of Done Manifesto!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Support Pope Benedict XVI

Click here to support Pope Benedict!

There's been a lot of talk on this blog of supporting and backing our Holy Father, as is right and obedient for us faithful Roman Catholics to do. Now it's time to put your contact info where your mouth is! Take a few minutes and electronically sign this petition in support of the Pope Benedict's recent statements against condoms, showing his true solicitude for African Catholics and especially victims of AIDS. As in so many other cases, he has spoken only the truth, and the media has heinously distorted it with their characteristic lack of care for the facts of the case.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Archbishop Burke on the Liturgy and Married life.

Introduction: Two different but related subjects

In writing to you this week, I want to address two different but related subjects of concern to us all. The first is the recent publication of new liturgical norms pertaining to the celebration of two forms of the Rite of the Mass, the form used by all until 1970 and the new form introduced by Pope Paul VI. The new norms, given by Pope Benedict XVI on July 7, have been the subject of much discussion in the media. For your better understanding of the new norms, I want to offer you my reflections on the norms and their implementation in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

I also write to you about National Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week, which we will be celebrating next week, July 22-28. The weeklong observance, designated by the U.S. Conference of Bishops, provides us all with an opportunity to understand more deeply the crowning of married love, which is the generation and education of new human life. The observance is centered around the 39th anniversary of the publication of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical "Humanae Vitae (On the Regulation of Birth)," issued on July 25, 1968. In a timely way, it brings to greater consciousness God’s plan for married love and procreation. In a culture which is so filled with confusion about human sexuality and its conjugal meaning, attention to the procreative dimension of the conjugal act is indeed timely.

The two topics seem to be quite diverse. In fact, however, they are closely related. The sanctification of our lives through participation in the liturgy, especially the Sacrifice of the Mass, is expressed concretely in the manner by which we fulfill the daily responsibilities of our vocation in life. For the married, the communion with our Lord in the Eucharistic Sacrifice is the source of their communion of life, also in its sexual or conjugal expression. The more we grow in reverence for the sacredness of the liturgy, the more we also grow in care to live a holy life in all things.

-Archbishop Burke.


I found this statement to be interesting in relation to a recent discussion prompted by a seminarian's experiment concerning possible sacrilege occurring due to Communion in the hand. Is it a coincidence that when our world has lost all respect for the smallest of humans, we also lose all respect for the smallest particles of Our Lord's Body?

Good News Stories

I am on an email chain called FlyLady, which I like because it's extremely positive and helps with organization and ordering of one's life. I don't read all the emails, but occasionally I like to see the stories/inspiration she sends. Today, I opened up an email entitled "Good News Letter" and what do I see but the following story (by the way, "DH" stands for "dear husband" in case you are confused) . . .

The good news about losing one's job:

I got laid off, but my DH is still employed. The good news is that our lives improved and it costs less to live.

-Transportation: one vehicle now needs fuel only once a month instead of twice a week; fewer oil changes; less tire wear. Garaged vehicle doesn't get as dirty, can be washed at home instead of at the drive-thru. We're considering selling it to lower insurance & other costs. But it's paid off, and nice to have on Errand Day.

-Drycleaning: dropped to practically nothing.
-Clothes: t-shirts, blue jeans, socks & tennies cost less than blouses, suits, pantyhose & high heels.
-Food: Biggest cost saver. Groceries instead of eating out. Plenty of time to shop for bargains, plan & cook meals.
-Utilities: We pay more attention to lowering the thermostat, turning off lights, using & heating less water.
-Exercise: Who needs the gym when there are daylight hours & the great outdoors?
-Housework: Amazing how much can be done during an extra 60 hours per week.
-Sleep: Finally being able to get to bed on time, wake without an alarm clock. No more chronic sleep deprivation.
-Material things. With time to take good care of what we have, less needs to be replaced.
-Repairs. Why hire someone when there's time to do it oneself.
-Entertainment. Doesn't need to cost so much. Time to find & attend free local stuff instead of traveling & paying big bucks.

Other benefits:
Waking up DH with the smell of breakfast. Greeting him with my hair combed & freshly brushed teeth instead of bedhead & morning breath. Homemade coffee in a thermos. Baking goodies from scratch. Time to meet neighbors, walk & ride bike in the neighborhood, garden, volunteer in the community, play.

We don't have children at home anymore but for those who do, consider:
-Childcare costs
-Being home when they get out of school
-Quality time
-Buying fewer clothes because of time to pay attention
-Better nutrition at lower cost
-Getting to know their friends
-Knowing how they spend their time
-Attending school, sport, music & other functions
-Being there to notice small changes in behavior, first signs of illness
-Taking sick ones to the doctor or clinic instead of the emergency room

"When one door closes, another door opens."
"Clean begets clean, just as clutter begets clutter."

Flying in Colorado

I just thought it was great to see in a secular source (I believe FlyLady is a Christian, but the messages are very generic when it comes to "spirit") a practical defense of the traditional family arrangement. I like my job a lot, but I don't think I'm alone among my fellow ladies in not really wanting to work forever. I enjoy keeping house! Being always focused on action and results really takes a toll on women, as this story illustrates.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Episcopal Lineage

Here is an interesting fact.

About 90% of the world's bishops trace their episcople lineage back to a single bishop of the sixteenth century.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on Austria

Kath.net reports this, translated by cathcon.

Windischgarsten parish priest Wagner defends himself against malicious rumour, which apparently played an important role in the not-so-voluntary resignation - Rome is involved – Presently no statement from Bishop Schwarz (www.kath.net)

The Windischgarsten parish priest Gerhard Maria Wagner defends himself against a malicious rumour which was disseminated about his episcopal appointment from specifically ecclesiastical circles of the Diocese of Linz.

A few hours before Wagner announced that he was to ask the Pope to withdraw his nomination, he was confronted by the Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz with an until now not proven story,that Wagner had a few years ago given money to a woman (the name is known by kath.net ) to obtain an abortion.

The Bishop of Linz told him of the allegation at a meeting, Wagner said a few days ago to KATH.NET. This had so taken him back that he subsequently was prepared to ask the Pope to withdraw his nomination. However, this was not in any sense an admission of guilt, Wagner was clear.

He was so disappointed by the Bishop of Linz, the parish priest of Windischgarsten said openly. The rumour apparently had been fed to the bishop of Linz cathedral chapter. Who handed the letter over to the cathedral chapter, is as yet unclear

"The whole thing is a pack of lies," he stressed. "It is simply incredible, especially because I have always helped women and children!" The Windischgarsten priest is well known in his parish for always supporting people in emergency situations.

The rumour was, however, circulating for days in ecclesiastical circles of the Diocese of Linz. Even Bishop Schwarz spoke in recent days of "serious allegations" against Wagner as KATH.NET experienced. The Bishop of Linz, however, until now has not even reviewed the allegations. Schwarz did not even tell him of the name of the woman nor gave him a copy of the letter, criticized Wagner.

He will take legal action against those who have placed the matter in the public domain, emphasized the Windischgarsten parish priest. Meanwhile, one wave of rumor has followed another: Journalists have been informed, as has an influential political party in Upper Austria, information which party officials used for their own purposes.

From well-informed Church circles, there was a threat to disseminate the rumor a few days before the planned consecration of Bishop Wagner on 22 March via some Upper Austrian media.

There is not yet an official opinion from the Bishop of Linz, which already was confronted by kath.net. The fact is that the affair has reached the ears of Rome and there is already a congregation involved in the matter.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Novena to St. Joseph

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the day to start a novena in honor of St. Joseph, ending on his feast day.



Others can be found here:

Now, Venerable Brethren, you know the times in which we live; they are scarcely less deplorable for the Christian religion than the worst days, which in time past were most full of misery to the Church. We see faith, the root of all the Christian virtues, lessening in many souls; we see charity growing cold; the young generation daily growing in depravity of morals and views; the Church of Jesus Christ attacked on every side by open force or by craft; a relentless war waged against the Sovereign Pontiff; and the very foundations of religion undermined with a boldness which waxes daily in intensity....
From the same fact that the most holy Virgin is the mother of Jesus Christ is she the mother of all Christians whom she bore on Mount Calvary amid the supreme throes of the Redemption; Jesus Christ is, in a manner, the first-born of Christians, who by the adoption and Redemption are his brothers. And for such reasons the Blessed Patriarch looks upon the multitude of Christians who make up the Church as confided specially to his trust - this limitless family spread over the earth, over which, because he is the spouse of Mary and the Father of Jesus Christ he holds, as it were, a paternal authority. It is, then, natural and worthy that as the Blessed Joseph ministered to all the needs of the family at Nazareth and girt it about with his protection, he should now cover with the cloak of his heavenly patronage and defend the Church of Jesus Christ.

Pope Leo XIII, Quamquam Pluries, 1889.

Monday, March 09, 2009

We Live in Interesting Times

The head of Moscow Police Pronin delivered a profound morality lesson to the press on Friday, in which he stated:

"“It’s unacceptable, gay pride parades shouldn’t be allowed. No one will dare to do it, such “brave-heart” will be torn to shreds."
“The West can say we’re bad guys, but our people will see it’s right. Our country is patriarchal, that’s sums it up."
“I positively agree with the Church, with the Patriarch, politicians, especially with Luzhkov, who are convinced that man and woman should love each other. It is established by God and nature.”

If Russia manages to preserve marriage in their culture, it will be interesting to see what the world will look like in 30 years.

Source: http://www.interfax-religion.com/?act=news&div=5779

The German District Superior of the SSPX issued a response to the German Bishops Conference's recent statements. In it, they say that the Bishops should accurately represent their positions, especially concerning Vatican II, which the SSPX does not reject as a whole, contrary to what others have said. Also:

"The bishops are bound by the eighth commandment, which reads: "Thou shalt not give false testimony." We therefore urge the Episcopal Conference to take back the defamatory accusation of anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish sentiments within the SSPX. In the Williamson affair, the SSPX Superiors have reacted immediately. The German District has stated immediately after the publication of the unspeakable statements clearly and unambiguously condemned any kind of trivialisation of Nazi crimes and apologised to those who were injured by the statements. We would again point out that the father of Archbishop Lefebvre lost his life in Sonnenburg Concentration Camp."

Also, in their request for fair treatment, Fr. Schmidberger points out:

"The SSPX on the contrary detects within the German Episcopate a subtle rejection of papal authority. The attitude towards papal decrees of the recent past in this context is relevant:
a. The desire of the Pope to translate correctly the falsely rendered words of consecration, was ignored by the German bishops.
b. The motu proprio for the liberation of the old Mass is implemented by some bishops so restrictively that it almost remains ineffective.
c. The Good Friday prayers of the Pope were also erroneously described by some theologians in Germany as antisemitic.
d. The clear position of the Pope about the ecclesiastical understanding within Protestant communities was made in Germany overwhelmingly misunderstood.
e. Despite repeated calls, the German bishops do not withdraw the Königstein Declaration which makes the encyclical "Humanae Vitae" of Pope Paul VI ineffective.
f. Finally, the declaration "Dominus Jesus" was strongly criticised by German theologians because it only talked about the unique path to salvation offered by the Church. "

Hopefully this will encourage the Bishops Conference to open dialogue with the SSPX, which they have previously refused to do, despite requests from the SSPX. They say that "The integration of the SSPX into the Church which is a goal of the Apostolic See, remains given the current experience a project with dubious prospects of success."

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dr. Blum on the Enlightenment

Dr. Blum delivers a lecture to ISI on conservativism and the Enlightenment.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Priorities Askew?

Cardinal Schoenborn:

At a time when the Church should really be dealing with the crucial worries that face people today such as the financial crisis and unemployment, it is confronted with debates about a small group of people who refuse to recognise the Second Vatican Council, or at least crucial parts of it, who think the Pope and the Church are on the wrong path and who consider themselves as the true Catholic Church.

Wow. That totally undermines pretty much everything the Catholic Church teaches and upholds.