Monday, July 31, 2006

Le Chasseur Maudit sighted!; Josepha goes barefoot

This exclusive photograph provides a rare glimpse of the man known by some as Le Chasseur Maudit and by others as Jonathon or Johnathan. The red arrow points to the visage of this infamous reporter, as he apparently embraces and holds hands with a young woman while both gaze romantically off into the distance. Sources have confirmed the young woman in the picture to be no other than Josepha Bertolini, recently the subject of an article on Le Chasseur Maudit's Academy News. The blue arrow indicates Miss Bertolini's bare feet; the fact that she eschews shoes has fueled speculation that she has paid extravagant sums to Jonathon in order to advertise her blog on the Academy News website.


Baron von Winchester said...

Oh yee-ah. Woot woot! Ssssso hot!
She burned her shoes right off.

Nothing says "Dance with me now fool" like a pair of discalced feet. 'Ticularly if their Sepha's.

Baron von Winchester said...

Hey can you send me a copy of the original of this photo? Or is that all you can see of us in it? I would love to have a picture of Josepha and myself.

Justin said...

I really should sue you for stealing that from Le Chasseur Maudit, you know. Copyrights and all that.