Thursday, July 20, 2006

One month

We can start the one month countdown now! In one month we'll be in the midst of orientation. It's hard to believe.

"Lifestyles of the Strange and Holy:" An illustrious saint had a feast day a few days ago, on the 17th. A few of us on this blog learned his interesting story whilst in Rome. On his wedding night he told his bride that he was leaving to be a hermit, and went to the desert. Strange must be a medieval thing. But when he got too famous he came back home disguised as a beggar and lived under the stairs in his house for years and years incognito (Harry Potter inspiration, perhaps?), before he died. His family did not recognize him until after he was dead. Dr. O'Donnell is right, Catholics are weird. Oh well. St. Alexius, pray for us.

Work has been great lately. I've been able to get a jumping lesson about every week, as a sort of fringe benefit. And, one of the girls who has an incredible, athletic mare took a long vacation, so I've been able to ride her whenever I have time. It is rare to have the opportunity to to train with such a nice horse for so long. The girls just finished their last show, so the riding theme now is go back to basics and get rid of any bad habits that crept in during competative training. In other words, we'll be jumping without stirrups for about a month. I don't mind though. While jumping with stirrups gives the illusion of being carried by the wind, jumping without is like being in the middle of a surging wave.

I read Bush's statements about embryonic stem cell research today. God bless the man; he hasn't won many supporters on this one, yet he is standing firm. Oh, but the bill was supported by Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, a pro-death Republican who was owes his election to the endorsement by the Catholic Rick Santorum, the same Santorum who spoke at Christendom's graduation a few years ago and encouraged students to bring their faith to the world or something. Christendom should take back its honorary degree. Anyways, it is incredible how the media thorougly masks the scientific facts of the situation, like the fact that all the successes acheived by stem cell research were from non-embryonic stem cells, even in countries without legal restrictions.

I read another medically-related article two days ago in our paper. A boy named Starchild Abraham Cherrix from Virginia was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease. He had chemo treatment and it went on remission, but it has returned. This teen has decided to try a natural treatment this time, and a social worker turned his parents in to the authorities for negligence. The parents face losing custody of their own son because they have decided to forego traditional medicine. (More here: Scary. The totalitarians in this country just get more and more brazen, and the medical field gets more and more corrupt.

Speaking of a corrupt medical field, I also read that Dr. Kavorkian's health is failing, and he probably won't live long. It would be good if we could offer up some sacrifices for his conversion. He is having some regrets about what he did, but I'm sure Satan is working hard to keep him defiant to the last. Please keep him in prayer; his would be a wonderful conversion.


Fezzick said...

As far as Kavorkian goes, the prospect of death does funny things to people. I wouldn't be surprised if the "weaknesses" of the medical community around him that he despised became his hope now.

Geoff said...

Hey, I'm already oriented, thank you very much. :)

Sheila said...

There's a story like that from the Seattle area which happened a few weeks ago.

A child had some kidney problem. The doctors said the baby needed dialysis. The mom wanted to try some natural things first. So she lost custody of her baby for negligence, and the doctors prepared to do dialysis. The mom snuck into the hospital and took her child. Within hours there was an "Amber Alert" and everyone was told to call 911 if they saw a black Jeep with a certain license plate number. Only after they caught the woman did they tell everyone that the child was kidnapped by his own mother, and that the need for dialysis was not actually urgent. She went to prison for several days, where she spent the time pumping breast milk for her child. She was finally released on a massive bail and will be standing trial for kidnapping. Her husband (the child's father) supports her and says she "did what she had to."

Am I the only one who sees something seriously wrong with this?

healthily sanguine said...

Really, it would seem that children belong not to their parents but . . . to the state! :o