Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mike Powell and the Comps of Death

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd solicit prayers on behalf of Mike Powell, who is going to be taking his comprehensive exams tomorrow and Saturday. He's been studying for them all summer, and let's all throw some prayers up there to make sure we're doing our part in making sure he's ready.

While you're at it, say a quick Hail Mary or so in hopes that Chorus gets done in time.

In other news, not much else is going on. My sister Caiti is going to be doing the orientation thing at Christendom on August 15. Preparations are very much underway for the showing of our film in the Front Royal theater, so that's kind of exciting. Also, we're going to see Switchfoot in concert on Saturday. Mike said it'll be a good way for him to forget he's just had two days of comps.

Anyway, so long. Thanks for the prayers.


bakerstreetrider said...

Will pray.

Anonymous said...

I prayed!