Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ad orientam

This is a shameless posting, directing you to my other blog. I found an article on NLM that referenced Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa, and his recent decision to celebrate his Cathedral Masses ad orientam. Bishop Slattery gives a reasoned and careful defense of his decision, and reminds us of just what we are about when we go to Mass. In lieu of Healthily Sanguine's last post, I also realized we needed something to improve the tone of the liturgical posts on this blog. Enjoy! (And read the original article.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Devout Catholic's Nightmare

Last night I had a terrible dream. As is typical for a dream, I was in a surreal place, a bit like an island or a foreign country. I knew my way around pretty well and was showing someone else around the place. However, almost purposely, I was late for Mass. I realized as I walked into the enormous, beautiful church (something like a cross between a large basilica and St. Alphonsus in Baltimore) that I had munched something a little while ago, thus breaking the one-hour fast. I quickly rationalized that whatever it was didn't count. I knelt down to pray for Mass and then noticed that I was not only late for Mass, it was already towards the end of the Communion line. My companion went up to receive Communion and, somewhat reluctantly, I followed. The reason I was reluctant was not due to the prior munching, which I had already pushed to the back of my mind, but because I was wearing my black one-piece bathing suit and orange flowered beach shorts! I felt a bit self-conscious. Nevertheless, I went up anyway. Before the final blessing, the priest said a few words about respect and reverence, the importance of wearing proper clothes and NOT wearing a skin tight tank top and shorts to Mass. I knew the words were directed at me, and though I felt somewhat chastised and very embarrassed, I soon returned to not caring. Then I woke up.