Friday, July 28, 2006

Divine Retribution.

The Christendom world is abuzz with this new video game rule. Personally, I'm withholding judgement on the whole situation for the moment.

However, there is one possible explanation for this scourge. It is punishment from God for burning the Wall Flower. Men (who shall not be named) did this heinous deed, and now they are being punished. Perhaps a prophet will appear wandering up and down 134 Christendom Drive at 12 miles an hour, calling for repentance, sackloth and ashes, and fasting. Or, if everything we learned at that blessed institution is false and the Aztecs were right, maybe there will be a sudden demand for human sacrifice to atone for the burning of the wallflower. Perhaps only then this scourge will be lifted. We must prepare...


Geoff said...

Oh, 12 miles per hour? I always thought that sign meant "12" on the tachometer!

~ Geoff

healthily sanguine said...

I think free ramen and easy mac should be offered!