Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For the Romers

Fr. Fromageot sent me his photo album from Easter, so I decided to post a few of these photos for those who frequented San Gregorio, the FSSP chapel in Rome.

Easter Vigil, at the church atop the Spanish Steps...maybe Santa Maria del Trinita? Or Santa Maria Del Monte? I can't remember. Anyways, it is a beautiful church. The San Gregorio servers seem to be watching this scene with more than a little trepidation.

The Roman Padres, Fr. Cramer in the center and Fr. Fromageot on the right.

Roman Coffee. The fellow on the right is a Christendom alum. That spot looks very familiar to it by San Lorenzo?

A common sight. He's just missing the fedora. I believe the location of this shot is Via Leccosa.


yankee angel said...

Beautiful pictures, Emily. Don't you almost wish we were going back to Rome this fall?

bakerstreetrider said...

Almost...Maybe in a few years. The second time would be cooler than the first, I think.

Or we could just do a road trip.

Fr. Fromageot said...

Would that it were Via Leccosa! I forget the name of the street, but it's on the way to Piazza Sant' Eustachio, which is where the best coffee bar in Rome is to found. However, Via Leccosa is about five minutes away.