Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One Twisted Arm

Alright, at the request of Miss Sylvia I will post something.


Satisfied? No? Okay.

Well this has been a busy month for me. I went home (as my lat post said), got back, worked, went on the Face the Truth Tour with Chrissie Walsh and Defend Life, got back this week to find a pile of yearbook work to get done within the next two weeks.

For a little humor I will tell you about an on going comedy of errors. It started when I left for home. I have a nephew. A very cute nephew. A cute nephew who likes keys. I have a memory. A very bad memory. A memory that doesn't remember whether I got my keys back from my nephew or not. Anyway, my keys are temporarily misplaced (i.e. lost). Fortunately my brother had the spare key to my car. Unfortunately, the key is not well cut. We got it in and got the car started. We haven't gotten it out. So. I park my car. I leave doors unlocked. I leave key in the ignition. I wish that were all.

As it turns out, the key is stuck in such a position that my accessories are left on. That shouldn't be too much of a problem. After all, I can turn off the headlights and radio.

I can't turn off the clock.

I went on the Face the Truth tour last week. It was a great experience. Got stuck on the Amtrak for three hours when they found a package at Union Station. That's for another post.

Got back to my car. The battery was dead.

I jumped it using a bad pair of jumper cables, let it run, went to bed and got ready for work.

The battery was dead.

Woke up Colin, jumped it using the bad jumper cables, went a day and...

The battery was dead.

Fried the bad pair of jumper cables (crosswiring is never good). Borrowed new set to jump it again.

Say a prayer it will run when I go to lunch.

See you all in 3 1/2 weeks!



Geoff said...

Andy, sounds like an eventful summer! Bummer about the keys, though. I'll have to visit this weekend. With a new battery and bad intentions. >:)

ATB said...

Think I'd get insurance money? I mean my car is stolen. Sure I know it was Geoff. Sure my keys were in the ignition. Sure I told him my keys were there.

Geoff said...

I'm sure your insurance doesn't cover "Acts of Geoff." : )