Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Torture? Wrong isn't it?

I intended to read Geoff's article on torture and find some point in it with which I disagree and then post. However, I found no such point so my post has now become boring and possibly lacking in esse. Yet, I wonder, what points for disagreement did other Christendom grads find? Isn't torture always wrong? I vaguely remember hearing some arguments or other, but they never really changed my high school opinion, which I thought was the Catechism's teaching on torture.

On closer examination, maybe I'm not so sure about Geoff's definition of torture as opposed to the Catechism definition. It narrows it down too much, and plus, I think the right word is torture when you pummel someone senseless out of hatred. I don't know. Obviously I am confused, because I started out by saying I completely agree with Geoff's article and now I disagree with the central point of it. Maybe someone has some comments to help me out!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lord Peter and Bertie Wooster

I stumbled across an article today that quite unnerved me. It posits:

"To wit: Would Lord Peter Wimsey have been chummy with Bertie Wooster? Or as Mrs Maine put it, would, "Lord Peter Wimsey -- who was apt to launch into Woosterian dialogue to disarm his suspects...have considered Bertie an insufferable ass [or would he] have actually liked him"?..........
My first clue came when I was reading Murder Must Advertise. Early in the book, two of the typists at the advertising agency where Wimsey has gone undercover as a copy writer are discussing the new man and one of them describes him as looking exactly like Bertie Wooster!And I solved it midway through the book when the same two typists bump into Wimsey out of disguise on the street.How, I asked myself, wishing I had a Bunter or a Jeeves to shimmer in with an evening refresher so I could bounce my idea off of him, How did Wimsey know that he could pass himself off as his own lookalike cousin to people who knew him as one or the other?The answer came to me in a flash of insight.He knew he could do it because he had been doing it all along.Lord Peter is Bertie!Wimsey is Wooster and Wooster is Wimsey!"

I say, could it be true? It always seemed unlikely to me that there would be two butlers of Bunter and Jeeves's caliber in the world. Also, it would explain why Bertie avoids the altar like the plague. I could see Lord Peter reveling in such a role.

Footnote: The article is here:,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Catholic View on Torture

Howdy, folks. I figure this might be a good start, if discussions need to be started. I've had some Christendom grads thoroughly disagree with me on the subject of torture after this article got published. Any thoughts on the subject?

Friday, May 11, 2007

A new basis for friendship

I will not notice the effects of graduation only in a graduated way. I lose half of my friends this year, but I don't leave until next. I guess the experience will not be quite as jarring that way.

Anyway, I think it a crime if we all didn't keep up in some meaningful way. I don't want Christendom to be some cruel twist of fate which puts us all together, as us form attachments, and then violently separates us all. Granted, we need to find a new basis for continued friendship since we no longer have Christendom has an everyday common experience. It will now be only a common memory. However, a new basis can be found, and I think that it would need to be based on the high standards of intellectual goals we all pursued in common for so long.

If we limit ourselves to fluff talk, we will not keep up in a substantial way, but if we constantly discuss issues, we just might.