Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Just thought I'd share these pics with you. Yes, this is actually what Hong Kong looks like. I promise. Unbelievable.


healthily sanguine said...

Wow, it looks awesomely scary. There is something so beautiful and yet awful about cityscapes, especially night-time ones. I mean, you could look at them and think, look what man has accomplished, has built by the sweat of his brow. On the other hand, you could think, where is the reality in all of those skyscrapers? How do people ever get down to earth if they spend their lives on the 32nd floor? Anyway, Hong Kong must have been a very interesting place to visit. You must tell us some stories, Colin. :)

Fezzick said...

It's amazing. It actually isn't scary when you're there, the way like NYC or Chicago is. Asian cities don't escape reality like American cities do, as much as they integrate into an existing reality. Hong Kong is all about integration, integration into the existing landscape, etc. It really works. Sarah and I were talking, and we were thinking that Chesterton would have liked to see Hong Kong.