Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In case this needs clarification

It's nice to publish things somewhat anonymously, but it may make it confusing for outside readers of this blog. Therefore, here is a list of who is who:

healthily sanguine - Sylvia
bakerstreetrider - Emily
Adam - Adam
Katholish - Draper
Fezzick - Colin
Geoff - Geoff, who by the way needs to post something
Nox - Kathleen
mc'inlikecrazy - Michael C.
ATB - Andy
Michael Baggot - Head R.A.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant week. I had many whole wheat tortillas today, and that is quite conducive to a relaxing evening which will now commence. Valete!


Kathryn said...

Ah, that is helpful, though, I had guessed who was who. I hope your evening was relaxing Sylvia! I miss you, and the other ladies in the "Fellowship of Campion Basement."

mc'inlikecrazy said...

Well, I think that this clarification is timely, to say the least! I was wondering who everybody was myself. I hope more people start blogging here. I know it takes forever, but doesn't eeryone have plenty of time? Valete!

healthily sanguine said...

I miss you too, Kathryn! I keep having these dreams about living in a dorm and dorm life--maybe I'm ready to go back now! ;)