Monday, June 19, 2006

All Quiet on the Western Front

Well, I am not sure why I am posting right now, since absolutely nothing has gone on here in Colorado. As of now, I am the furthest west of the members of this blog. Laurel, where are you?
Anyway, I have spent my time doing nothing other than reading and fiddling around with my computer, though not online. I am waiting for HeadRA to speak. I desire to be entertained, as the great Mr. Brown once said, but please let it not be "Rubber Chicken." That one aonly works once and on hard-bitten professors, at that. While I sit here thinking about nothing, please feel free to update this blog, and let the rest of us know how your busy lives are going. The most recent Episcopalian Conference woes are in the shape of a female head of the Episcopal Church in the US. Perhaps some of their communion will "swim the Tiber," as two prominent clergy recently did. Check more newsworthy sites for the info. ( Adios, until next time. --MC'in.

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