Sunday, June 25, 2006

Assistant Dean

Christendom student life is going to change next year, with Mrs. Bauer leaving us. No more will she be worried about issues like dress code, extensions, talking at windows, and roofwalking. It will be impossible to replace her. Alas though, someone must fill her large shoes (proverbially speaking, of course). So I was thinking, who would be a suitable candidate to replace her? It must be a woman, and preferably someone who has experience with Christendom and knows the students.
I think Madame Barone would be just the woman. She would certainly usher in a new era in Christendom student life. The dress code would be very different, and Salvador Dali and other modern artists would be in all the dorms. Work Crew would become killing Muslims in France. The last point alone would be enough to gain the support of many.


Shiskabob said...

Word verification is lame.

Kathryn said...

*knows it is just a joke* I don't want Madame Barone for a workstudy boss!

Nicole said...

Terrific, Sherlock! It is a brain extenstion for me to mentally compare the Mrs. Bauer and Barone footwear.