Saturday, November 29, 2008

Emily & Joe's Engagement

This is the post with the pictures!

First, here are a few pictures of Joe and Emily from our Thanksgiving Day trip to the beach:

On a sunny "Black Friday" morning, Joe and Emily decided to take another walk on the beach. This we knew, and over breakfast the Griswolds and I mulled over what might be the purpose of their walk. We waited long, and at last they came:

John Robert's contribution: "Bagels! Oh, good job, Emily."

Mrs. Griswold expresses her extreme shock:

A toast to the happy couple, with Mumm sparkling wine:

This final photo was not taken by me, but it does what I failed to do and captures Emily's beautiful white gold engagement ring:

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Kathryn said...

WOOT! Yay Emily and Joe! I am so excited! Pretty ring!
Thanks for posting the pics, Sylvia! :)