Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lambie Goes to a Concert

Lambie is at home right now, because he is a slacker, but he wants me to tell you about his adventure a few weeks ago: he went to a concert of sacred polyphony. It wasn't just any concert of sacred polyphony--it was Collegium Cantorum's concert of music by Pierre de la Rue. Lambie doesn't know much about music, but I was there too and I can tell you it was awesome. It kept Nicole, who also came, and myself rapt throughout!

Here is what Lambie did. First, and don't be weirded out by this, but Lambie wanted to check out the girls' bathroom with Nicole and me. I offered to leave him outside, but he declined, so we took a picture of him in the mirror as proof of his obstinacy:

Then, as is customary, Lambie, Nicole and I took our seats for the performance. It was held in a rather modern-looking episcopal church in Bethesda. Lambie didn't find it that annoying, though, because we got to sit near the front (there weren't that many attendees, which is a shame). Lambie insisted on posing on the back of the pew in front of us:

We were just fascinated by the performance, I especially because Anthony was kind enough to lend me his sheet music to follow along. However, Lambie kept interrupting me to take pictures, but just when I was about to take an excellent picture he would nudge my hand and make it blurry! Lambie is annoying like that sometimes. So here are a couple pictures I took of the performers:

It was just a riotously good show all around. Like I said, Lambie couldn't really appreciate that sort of thing, being conditioned to appreciate bleating more than any other sound. The sounds elicited from the choir members were on the other end of the spectrum, for sure. One of my favorite facets of the performance was that the music was in a low key: no soaring sopranos here! Rather, the extra low bass part and the other tonally subdued parts gave it a dark, mysterious quality especially suited to the texts. Unfortunately for Anthony, it meant that he couldn't sing low enough for the bottom part and was stuck with the quasi-manly first bass part--just kidding, Anthony!!

Speaking of Anthony, after the concert, Lambie, Nicole, and I met up with him, and he was kind enough to pose for a few pictures:

{Note the real bow tie, perfectly tied}

Lambie somehow wormed his way into Nicole's heart, for she allowed him to be part of her picture with our bass celebrity:

I suspected Lambie of only going to the concert for the photographs and the chance of food. Therefore, when Anthony took Nicole and me out for dinner after the singing, I mercilessly excluded both lamb and camera from the table. We did have a very fun time eating and chatting at Chili's while Lambie fumed in the car. On the way back, his attempts at learning French from the Pimsleur learning CD I got out of the library were ludicrous and laughable; Nicole and I did much better.

After all that excitement, Lambie got tired and went to sleep (lucky sheep, wish I could):


Eliza said...

Hurray!!! I love the new adventures of Lambie!

Autumn said...

Yes, great chuckles!