Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Direction

I want to take this blog in a new direction. The main reason for this is that I want to blog more and to say things, and I think this might be the right place for it. I don't mean thoughts and musings, more like events and commentary. As always, everyone is welcome to post anything they like. I will begin with current events.

This weekend was Homecoming weekend. This may be obvious to some, but to others not so much! I heard from more than one person that Homecoming may have suffered from insufficient publicity, because they didn't know until the last minute that the day had come upon them. Another factor for the seemingly low turn-out could have been the economic downturn. Besides that, it was a sunny, beautiful holiday weekend, and who wants to waste it going to their old alma mater?

I certainly did! I had a fantastic time, not to say a nostalgic time. It was just lovely to see people I hadn't seen in a while, even just the students, and to enjoy a slice of the bubble after being mostly out in the world. Of course, I'm technically a student because I go to the grad school, but I am very far from my undergraduate days. The dance was one of the most fun ever because, like Caroline Bingley, I can appreciate that if conversation and not dancing were the order of the day, it might be more rational. Of course, I also love to dance!

I could continue with a more detailed recap, but instead I want to alert whoever might be reading this that Fr. William is going to give a talk on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. in the Library basement on the Tridentine Mass. Fr. William Fitzgerald, for those who don't know him, is the delicious new associate chaplain who, Dr. Poterack and I agree, knows all (at any rate, about the liturgy). He really does. You can tell he's one of those people who keep reading, keep studying, keep absorbing, and have an amazingly high capacity for retention within a big picture framework. I had a delightful time talking to him for the first time on Saturday night at the alumni reception, so I highly recommend anyone who's at all interested in liturgy and the Church to come to his talk and ask questions!

That's all for now.


Baron von Winchester said...

I'm in a warpath mood to be sure, but all the same, it happens to be true, and that is that blogs are a more ancient evil than Facebook, and though older, still an evil.

You're picking 4+2 over half dozen. Frankly, I think facebook less annoying.

Baron von Winchester said...

Not to mention comment moderation is Communism!

healthily sanguine said...

Sorry in advance for taking your comment with unaccustomed seriousness. I think blogs are more active than passive; they tend more towards reality, in some sense, than Facebooking does. At any rate, they do not promote a "virtual world" in the same way--when you read a blog, you know that it's just a "web log" or journal, either of someone's random thoughts or of some specific topic or purpose. On Facebook, it seems like it tries to give you the person--their "status," latest images of them, all the other people they've contacted lately, etc., as well as notes, links, "gifts," flowers, extraneous applications. Sometimes it's too much.

Your communist comment is ironic considering the kind of debates that have gone on here (on this blog) in the past...