Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lunch Spot

Yesterday, I tried out a new lunch spot here in town: Lucky Star Lounge. I had been there once before to hear my co-worker Danny play, but I did not try the food on that occasion. This time, I coerced a friend into accompanying me to this charming and eclectic spot.

In my opinion, the restaurant can boast a lot of things that are just right; the decor is one of those things. There is the perfect amount and arrangement of furniture to make it feel full without crowding and spacious without emptiness. Moreover, the wall hangings might not be what you would choose to display in your living room, but they're certainly very interesting! In short, the place looks good during the day as well as at night, and going there just makes you feel cool. :)

More importantly, the food was good! Slightly cheaper than element, Lucky Star's menu was also more varied--with a lot of vegetarian options, which makes me happy! I tried one of the daily specials, a vegetarian taco salad, and both the flavor and presentation were highly satisfactory. They used a better quality taco shell than you normally get, which had a good crunch, and the combination of the warm beans and the salsa worked very well for a lunch salad. My companion ordered the Cobb sandwich, and his only complaint about it was that he wished there was more. Perhaps the portion sizes were a touch on the small side, but I felt satisfied with mine even though I had waited until past 2 p.m. to eat. One negative note was that the iced tea tasted a bit off, but other than that it was a delicious meal.

Finally, the service . . . was odd. I couldn't decide whether the waitress was being slow on purpose to give us time to chat and relax. I think that's the most probable view of it, because there weren't really any other parties besides ours to wait on. The food took a bit longer than I expected to come out; in fact, everything took a fairly substantial amount of time to accomplish. However, the waitress was friendly and polite and still retained the impression of attentiveness. I would recommend going to Lucky Star when you have at least a leisurely mindset--so I wouldn't go here for a business lunch or anything of that nature. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed sitting and talking with my friend and noted that the ambiance is definitely conducive to conversation.

Overall, I would certainly recommend my friends to try Lucky Star Lounge. I intend to return for Sunday brunch in the near future, to see if their quiche and breakfast food is as good as they claim it is. I'm glad there's a new good quality, reasonably-priced place right on Main Street!


Joe said...

Stopped in there just the other day and was quite impressed. Service was a tad on the slow side, but food was great. Loved the sofa-seating, and the draft beer selection was superb for Front Royal.

healthily sanguine said...

Yeah, maybe I should have mentioned that Lucky Star is primarily a bar. :) But it's also a good place to eat food!

Fezzick said...

This has definitely been the overriding impression I have received from the people who have gone to the Lucky Star . . . that the food is great but the service leaves a bit (or a lot, depending on who you ask) to be desired. I'm anxious to try it now and form my own impressions.

Baron von Winchester said...

Oh she was just being attentive to me. It was the sweater. You changed the name of the blog. Why the Last Straw? Frankly, I don't like straws. I prefer to truly imbibe in the beverage by drinking straight from the chilled glass. I only skim read your bloggings. I can't tie myself down to read! It is so stinking weird what one's work can do to you--I simply can't focus or be comfortable til I'm back in my office tomorrow to dig into the mounds of issues I have to deal with. Wait, am I writing a blog post?

Well anyway, what was I going to say.... um. I don't remember. Oh well. I set out to comment to say something....

I hate blogs and the bloggers behind them!

That wasn't it, but I'm using it as a substitute for now.