Monday, July 07, 2008

Take Courage

I finally saw Master and Commander last night, as part of an ongoing attempt to watch the movies that people tell me I just have to watch (also taking advantage of a free Blockbuster Online trial membership). I must say, that was an awesome movie! It was awesome because it was extremely manly. For Captain Jack Aubrey and the seamen aboard the Surprise, constant courage was a way of life and cowardice not an option. They constantly faced death as part of their daily duty. Moreover, they lived out their fortitude in obedience--without obedience, they could not survive. Besides the theme of courage, there were many other examples of virtue in the movie: true and difficult leadership for the common good as exemplified in Aubrey, camaraderie among men pursuing the arduous good, unflinching perseverance towards a nearly impossible goal, respect for authority, guidance for boys becoming men. I can definitely see why Dr. Fahey watched this movie with Christendom guys in Ben's.

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Fezzick said...

While I haven't seen the movie, I've been consistently impressed with the same spirit of manhood and courage exhibited by our fighting men today. They deserve far better than we can ever repay them.