Saturday, August 12, 2006


Gaelic Storm has a new album out, and it's great! It is almost, if not as good as their last "How Are We Gettin' Home?" There are songs about gypsies, beer, sea journies, Johnny Tarr, and other eccentrics (Kevin Kelly!), plus some good traditional reels. And, as usual, their clever lyrics are hilarious. The only dissapointment was they did not insert their comments about their songs in the CD jacket. For me, that was one of the highlights of past albums. ("Gainful employment is for the birds!") Also, in the past they have put in a synopsis of the story for the Irish-language songs, so you know the song is about the high-spirited goat or the Irish boy who fell in love with a redhead andattempted to woo her with poetry such as "I prefer her to cows", but this time around, "De Luain, de Mairt" is left to our imaginations. Nevertheless, it's a great album. I hope I get to see Gaelic Storm live one day--I've heard they're good in concert.

The other CD I added to my collection is "Breathe: The Relaxing Harp," which features the talent of Yolanda Kondonassis. I have never heard of her before. She put together a nice collection of Debussy, Vivaldi, Chopin, Bach, and Ravel, to name a few. Chopin via the harp is very different. Despite the really freaky interior design on the front cover it is a lovely album.

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