Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Runs

I have noticed, now that I am a full-fledged adult, that--apart from actually going running, which is of course "exercise"--I don't run very much. Kids run a lot. They run around everywhere, often accompanied with screaming and waving their arms. Children are the original charismatics! (Sometimes they even speak in tongues, I am told.) Anyway, in adult life, very little will cause you to break into a run. Rather, running usually denotes an emergency or crisis situation. There was this girl in college who would always run from class to class, or from class to chapel, or from dinner to library--EVERYWHERE, really--because she didn't want to waste any time; we all knew she was a touch neurotic. Normal adults walk calmly and peacefully, unless there is a pressing, urgent reason for haste. Otherwise, we'd wear ourselves out! The other day, there was an earthquake, and I saw my adult male coworkers flee the building, RUNNING not walking out of here: it was dramatic! What would cause you to run somewhere rather than walk? Do you ever like to run, skip, or hop around for fun, just now and then?

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