Monday, March 23, 2009

Good News Stories

I am on an email chain called FlyLady, which I like because it's extremely positive and helps with organization and ordering of one's life. I don't read all the emails, but occasionally I like to see the stories/inspiration she sends. Today, I opened up an email entitled "Good News Letter" and what do I see but the following story (by the way, "DH" stands for "dear husband" in case you are confused) . . .

The good news about losing one's job:

I got laid off, but my DH is still employed. The good news is that our lives improved and it costs less to live.

-Transportation: one vehicle now needs fuel only once a month instead of twice a week; fewer oil changes; less tire wear. Garaged vehicle doesn't get as dirty, can be washed at home instead of at the drive-thru. We're considering selling it to lower insurance & other costs. But it's paid off, and nice to have on Errand Day.

-Drycleaning: dropped to practically nothing.
-Clothes: t-shirts, blue jeans, socks & tennies cost less than blouses, suits, pantyhose & high heels.
-Food: Biggest cost saver. Groceries instead of eating out. Plenty of time to shop for bargains, plan & cook meals.
-Utilities: We pay more attention to lowering the thermostat, turning off lights, using & heating less water.
-Exercise: Who needs the gym when there are daylight hours & the great outdoors?
-Housework: Amazing how much can be done during an extra 60 hours per week.
-Sleep: Finally being able to get to bed on time, wake without an alarm clock. No more chronic sleep deprivation.
-Material things. With time to take good care of what we have, less needs to be replaced.
-Repairs. Why hire someone when there's time to do it oneself.
-Entertainment. Doesn't need to cost so much. Time to find & attend free local stuff instead of traveling & paying big bucks.

Other benefits:
Waking up DH with the smell of breakfast. Greeting him with my hair combed & freshly brushed teeth instead of bedhead & morning breath. Homemade coffee in a thermos. Baking goodies from scratch. Time to meet neighbors, walk & ride bike in the neighborhood, garden, volunteer in the community, play.

We don't have children at home anymore but for those who do, consider:
-Childcare costs
-Being home when they get out of school
-Quality time
-Buying fewer clothes because of time to pay attention
-Better nutrition at lower cost
-Getting to know their friends
-Knowing how they spend their time
-Attending school, sport, music & other functions
-Being there to notice small changes in behavior, first signs of illness
-Taking sick ones to the doctor or clinic instead of the emergency room

"When one door closes, another door opens."
"Clean begets clean, just as clutter begets clutter."

Flying in Colorado

I just thought it was great to see in a secular source (I believe FlyLady is a Christian, but the messages are very generic when it comes to "spirit") a practical defense of the traditional family arrangement. I like my job a lot, but I don't think I'm alone among my fellow ladies in not really wanting to work forever. I enjoy keeping house! Being always focused on action and results really takes a toll on women, as this story illustrates.

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