Friday, November 02, 2007

2008 Olympics Officials to Athletes

Leave your Bibles at home!

UPDATE: The above report appears to be false!

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Andy Bodoh said...

Ave Maria just hosted Tom Grace, author of the novel "The Secret Cardinal." He talked at length about the history of the Church in China, and made mention to this news report. The thing to notice in the retraction is the note that athletes can bring them for their "personal use." According to Mr. Grace, the Communist government has edited the bible. As he put it, "They love the 'Render to Caesar what is Caeser's' bit, but they are not so big on the 'and to God what is God's.'"

He also told us that the (atheistic) communist government has recently declared that it will be in charge of reincarnation. Apparently, they hope to use this policy to eventually appoint their own Dhali Lama and set up a "patriotic" Buddist faith.