Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Grad school?

Hi everyone. We all seem to be pretty busy lately. It's amazing what law school and a full time job have done to the writers of long political posts :)
Anyway, as some of you may know, I'm planning on leaving my hotel job and moving to Front Royal. A number of circumstances have led me to believe God is pushing me in a different direction than the hotel industry. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what yet. I'm thinking I'd like to work at a Catholic school or organization. Or maybe go to grad school.
So, the point of this post is to ask if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a place that I might look for a Catholic job. Right now, I'm feeling adventurous, and open to going anywhere in the country.
Gracia, amici. You are all in my prayers.


bakerstreetrider said...

Hey Angela! I'm glad you'll be around FR this year. Two ideas that might interest you: 1. Wyoming Catholic College is looking for an admissions director (hehe, you said you were feeling adventurous.) 2. St. Andrew the Apostle is looking for a social studies and religion teacher for their school in Clifton. It went out on the alumni email chain last week. Elizabeth Stephens has the position now, but she's moving.

Elizabeth said...

Grad school eh? Mine (Florida International University, in Miami) is turning out to be rather easy and cheap, even though I've only had two weeks of classes. Apparently, Grad School (at public universities in Florida) may be the first time for many that they've had to think and research on their own.. I've got a historical Show and Tell in a couple weeks..

As for jobs.. you could always work for one of the random companies emailing me with job offers, such as for "Too Spoiled"..

healthily sanguine said...

I hope all is going well, Angela! I am going to call you, if not tonight than tomorrow! God bless.