Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Torture? Wrong isn't it?

I intended to read Geoff's article on torture and find some point in it with which I disagree and then post. However, I found no such point so my post has now become boring and possibly lacking in esse. Yet, I wonder, what points for disagreement did other Christendom grads find? Isn't torture always wrong? I vaguely remember hearing some arguments or other, but they never really changed my high school opinion, which I thought was the Catechism's teaching on torture.

On closer examination, maybe I'm not so sure about Geoff's definition of torture as opposed to the Catechism definition. It narrows it down too much, and plus, I think the right word is torture when you pummel someone senseless out of hatred. I don't know. Obviously I am confused, because I started out by saying I completely agree with Geoff's article and now I disagree with the central point of it. Maybe someone has some comments to help me out!

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