Thursday, April 19, 2007

No one posts here anymore

Sad...but understandable. We are all moving on, sort of. Can you feel the ties to Christendom life, to your friends, sort of wavering? Well, I have been away for a bit so that is probably why I feel a sort of disconnection. I know it needn't be that way--to a point. That is, I could do a better job of keeping in touch with people, especially my closest friends. However, there is a way in which our relationship has objectively changed. It is a long-distance relationship now. I am a friend that one talks to on the phone or writes a letter to, not a friend one sees and communicates with in person. It is an objective lessening of friendship, which I think is rightly lamented. That is what gives you that pang of, whatever it is, bittersweet-ness about graduation. You know you will have to move on and it is good that you will do so. At the same time, you will miss your friends...

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