Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Isn't it odd to think of a priest listening to modern music? Or watching sports on TV? Or telling bawdy jokes? In other words, isn't it odd to think of a priest being just like you? Probably a good idea would be to take your idea of what a priest's lifestyle should be--ascetical, filled with prayer, spiritual reading, uplifting conversation, utter devotion to God--and realize this would actually fulfill your desires. Priests, after all, are just as busy as the rest of us. They do not live the contemplative, but the active life. Yet, they must make time for prayer and must order their lives toward seeing God in order to fulfill the duties of their vocation. The same goes for all of us!

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Basil Howe said...

I was blessed the summer following my junior year to spend six weeks in the Dominican Republic with a singularly holy priest, Father Daniel Gee. This priest selflessly gives of himself, bringing the sacraments to the churches of the two towns of Banica and Pedro Santana, not to mention countless campos hours away nestled up in the mountains. Standard practice is for him to sling on his Masspack (a hiking backpack packed with his portable altar, vessels, and vestments), mount his dirtbike, plug into his iPod, and set off over the mountains to bring the faithful their sacraments. While at the rectory, he teaches boxing to the local youths, (he has a poster of Muhammed Ali up in the courtyard), and plays his guitar, working on classics by the Counting Crows, David Bowie, and various musicians who are relatively "modern" and would likely be classified as "disordered." I've known other priests, remarkable for their holiness and edification, who host Super Bowl parties at their residence. These same priests are known for their prayer life, spiritual reading, uplifting conversation, and intense devotion to God. What you mean by ascetical is unclear... if you are speaking to that poverty of spirit and detatchment from worldliness, then these priests are models of asceticism. If by asceticism you are referring to physical mortification, I trust that they follow the admonition of Our Lord: "When you fast, wash your face and groom your hair. Be not like the Pharisees who make known their fasting, for they are already rewarded. Be secret, and your father who sees in secret, will repay in secret." This admonition was given to apostles, the first pope and bishops. That seems to be the model for clerical living. Christ Himself, the holiest Man Who ever lives, our great High Priest, God, was called a glutton and a drunkard for exactly this reason.